I Made My Podcast Guest Debut!

I am on the Clubhouse app everyday…I am usually too shy to raise my hand in rooms where I don’t know anyone! (I’m working on this) I met some incredible women in a “Hey Girl, You Can” room and well, you can listen to my episode to hear how it went. You can also check…

Season 1 Begins!

And we did it! Short & sweet! Stretching and building my courage muscles. Season 1 is going to focus on the myriad of reasons people are afraid to share their voice, and some people need to time to find their own voice amidst a sea of voices! Future episodes this season will include people who…

Coming Soon-Trailer

Thank you for listening! We are just getting started and are looking forward to recording future episodes!

Publishing Your First Blog Post

Welcome to Podcast Websites, the all-in-one WordPress service just for podcasters. In this text post, Mark from Podcast Websites walks you through how to set up your first blog post / article. What is a blog post / article and how does it fit into my website? A blog post (also known as an article), in this…

Sample Blog Post

This is a sample blog to get you started. Please delete before launching your own website.